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Ann Semic is committed to applying UVC technology to bring a healthier, safer, high-quality life to human being!

Who We Are

Ningbo Ann Semiconductor Co. , Ltd is located in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone. As a high-tech enterprise focused on investment promotion by the Hangzhou Bay New District Government,  it is mainly engaged in research and development, production, sales of high-end sterilizing UVC epitaxy, chip, package and module. Partially based on special lighting and compound semiconductor chip core material, it belongs to the third generation of semiconductor materials.

With a total investment of ¥660 million CNY and an area of 16.47 acres, the project plans to build 10 epitaxy, chip and 15 packaging production lines, with an annual output of 100,000 2-inch deep ultraviolet chips and 180KK packaging products, and actively layout application end and infra-red related technologies.


With a registered capital of ¥150 million CNY and a total investment of ¥660 million CNY.

Construction Area

Covering an area of 16.47 acres with a total construction area of 40,500 square meters.

Production Lines

Planned to be built 10 production line for UVC epitaxial and chips, and 15 package line.


Planned to be an annual output of 100000K 2-inch UVC chips and 180KK package products

Ownership Structure

Haishi Company invested ¥60 million CNY, accounting for 40% of the shares
Haitron Group invested CNY ¥45 million CNY, accounting for 30% of the shares.
Ningbo Industrial invested CNY ¥30 million CNY, accounting for 20% of the shares.
Jingquan Company invested ¥15 million CNY, accounting for 10% of the shares.


Haishi Company


Haitron Group


Ningbo Industry


Jingquan Company

UVC Industry Background

Company back in 2000, Shanghai blu-ray technology co., LTD and its subsidiary hefei rainbow blu-ray technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the blue company), is the earliest domestic gallium nitride LED enterprises, to create China’s first gan blue LED chips, editor in chief of LED industry standard three, the ginseng of 6 items, to undertake the important scientific research projects, such as more than 30 countries, ministries.

With 20 years of deep expertise in LED industry, we have a profound industrial background, mature production line and mass production experience in compound semiconductor, especially in the epitaxy growth, structural design, chip manufacturing and package module of III nitride materials, and have established a first-class team.



In 2000, Shanghai Epilight Technolog Co., Ltd. (Epilight) was established. The company produced the first Blu-ray GaN LED product in mainland China. Core team members have been entering Shanghai Epilight.


In 2007, CAIHONG GROUP Corporation, a state-ownedenterpeise, acquired Shanghai Epilight Technology Co., Ltd. The core team has obtained the development opportunity of the platform of the national enterprise.


In 2010, Shanghai Epilight Technolog Co., Ltd. expanded in Hefei Province and established Hefei CAIHONG Epilight Technolog Co., Ltd. The core team moved to CAIHONG Epilight, and the group is expanding further.


In 2016, Peking University – Epilight Collaborative Innovation Center was established. The research direction are LED technology and the third-generation semiconductor materials and devices. The core team tackles “Deep UV LED Extension and Chip Research & Development Project”


In 2020, Ningbo Ann Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established. The core team invests and start a new UV LED project, mainly including building UVC LED industry chain and its application to other industries.

UVC Technology Background

The technology source of the company was incubated in Peking University Wide Band-gap Semiconductor Center. As Blu-ray’s designated cooperation university of industry, education and research, it has more than ten world-class group III nitrides experts, who have made comprehensive technical breakthroughs in the direction of deep ultraviolet LED epitaxy, chip, package, module and application, and accumulated rich experience. United Blu-ray Company has successively established “Joint Laboratory” and “Collaborative Innovation Center”, focusing on the project of “R&D and industrialization led by deep ultraviolet light”, which is the main incubation source of the company’s technology.

Core Team

Expert Team

What We Can Do

Our entire UVC industry chain is sufficient to meet your needs for various products and applications in the UV and UVC field.

UVC Epitaxy

UVC Epitaxy

260~280nm Al2O3, SIC, SI, GaN, ZnO LED Substrate for different uses

UVC Chip

UVC Chips

ROSH, REACH Standard, high brightness, high reliability, low leakage, long life

UVC LED Package

UVC Package

2-110mW, various brightness, size available for different sterilization needs

UVC Module

UVC Modules

Widely used in surface, static water, dynamic water, food and air sterilization

UVC Sterilization Box

UVC Sterilizers

UVC sterilizer bag, UVC sterilizer box, UVC sterilizer box cabinet, UVC sterilizer wand

UVC Project Design

New UVC Project

UVC technology for food, home, industrial, business, medical, mother & baby, travel use

Let's Work Together!

Whether it is ordering a UVC sample to take your design to the next step or planning to start a new UVC project this is where to get connected with what you need.


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