Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and quality control are ways of guaranteeing the quality of UVC products. We try our best to make sure the quality and performance of each product. Learn more about it.

How we do


Quality is our #1 priority at Annsemic. When cooperating with us, you will quickly learn that quality is what separates us from our competitors. Annsemic will strive to meet and exceed all customer requirements and expectations and provide on-time delivery of defect-free UVC epitaxy, chips, package, and UVC sterilization products.

Annsemic has a complete and strict quality control system to the quality, reliability, and performance of products from various aspects such as corporate certification, product certification, product test report, etc,.


Enterprise Certification

Annsemic meets the most strictest requirements of international and domestic corporate certification .

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems

U.S Environmental Protection Agency


U.S Environmental Protection Agency

Product Certification

Annsemic achieved different types of product certifications to meet the needs of different customers in the world.

CE Verification

CE Verification

Conformité Européenne

FCC Verification


Federal Communications Commission

Test Report

All our products have been tested strictly by the third party inspection institution. Various test results help customers better understand the performance and advantages of them.

IP68 Test Report

3535 Package IP68 Test

UVC LED 3535SMD Package IP68 Waterproof Test Report

IP68 Test Report

UVC LED Test Report 2

UVC LED ANN3535C-2020 Sterilization Effect Test Report

UVC LED ANN3535C-1020 Sterilization Effect Test Report

UVC LED Test Report 1

UVC LED ANN3535C-1020 Sterilization Effect Test Report

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