Air Purification Module

The existing dynamic water module, static water module, air module and other module products can be widely used in surface sterilization, static water sterilization, dynamic water sterilization, food sterilization, air sterilization and other scenarios.

We accept support modular customized services, and provide professional UVC sterilization The overall solution for each application scenario of disinfection.

Air Purification Module

AS-A1.1 Air Purification Modules

The AS-A1.1 module is a UVC LED sterilization module with small size, high conversion rate, and high output power. It can be suitable for applications that require air sterilization, such as air purifiers. The 275nm short-wave ultraviolet light emitted by the UVC LED produced by Ann Semic can effectively kill bacteria and viruses and provide safe and clean air for daily life.


  • Small size, the lens diameter is 13mm, the height is 11.5mm, the length of the power cord: 200mm from the device to the power board, and 300mm from the power board to the plug-in unit.
  • Efficient optical power output, 5mW output power can be reached under 50mA current.
  • Wide voltage input, 12-36V DC self-adaption.
  • Long life, can effectively control the working temperature of the module, L70 can reach more than 10,000 hours.
  • Comply with environmental protection requirements, and all materials comply with national and international standards.



Model Specifications Radiation power (mW) Center wavelength (nm) Electric power (W) Idemitsu angle (°)
ANN-AS-A1.1 AN-A3535CAC1 5-7 265-285 0.30-0.45 120


Test Reports:

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