Epitaxy Production Process

Today, we will show you around epitaxy production line, so you will get a comprehensive understanding of how to product UVC epitaxy. Is it helpful?

UVC Industry Chain

UVC Industry Chain

1. Epitaxy

Epitaxy is the most important, most critical, and most technologically content link in the entire LED industry. The technology process of UVC epitaxy includes MOCVD, laser marking, XDR measurement, and microscope inspection.  Details>>

2. Chip

The technical route of the chip mainly adopts the flip-chip technology route, including epitaxial growth, Mesa etching, P/N electrode, ISO etching, insulating layer deposition, pad evaporation, substrate thinning, chip scratching, and test sorting. Details>>

3. Package

The technology process of UVC package includes solid crystal, eutectic, plasma cleaning, heating and drying, dispensing, split, spectroscopy and taping. It can not only fix and seal the chip, but also enhance its electrothermal performance. Details>>

4. Module

UVC module is a widely used product in UVC products, which consists of package, circuit boards, power cords and related heat dissipation components. Each UVC module has a specific function, and it is designed to have sterilization and other special properties in a certain environment. Details>>

+ Project

UVC technology can be widely applied to different industries, scenarios and environments, such as home, mother and infant, cosmetics, travel, automotive, medical, food & drink, and commercial industry. Details>>

UVC Epitaxy Process

UVC Epitaxy EPI MOCVD Equipment

Epitaxy Growth

Epitaxy is the most important, most critical, and most technologically content link in the entire LED industry. Epitaxy growth means “grow on…”.


MOCVD mainly passes the carrier gas through the container of the organometallic reaction source, and brings the saturated vapor of the reaction source to the reaction chamber to mix with other reaction gases, and then mix it on the heated substrate The chemical reaction that takes place on it promotes the growth of the film.

UVC Epitaxy EPI MOCVD Operating
UVC Epitaxy EPI Lasing Coding

Laser Marking

Under computer control, the high-frequency galvanometer and focusing mirror are used to etch the identification information on the surface of the epitaxial wafer on demand by the laser beam to facilitate the identification of each batch of epitaxial wafers.

XDR Measurement

After the epitaxial wafer is marked by laser, XRD measurement is performed to analyze the crystal quality of the epitaxial wafer. The measured parameters mainly include composition, period thickness, half-width, etc.

UVC Epitaxy EPI XDR Measuring
UVC Epitaxy EPI Microscope Inspection

Microscope Inspection

The epitaxy after XRD measurement are evaluated for appearance grade under a microscope. The microscopic inspection items mainly include “particles”, “cracks”, “roughening”, “fogging”, “hexagonal” and so on.

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