UVC-LED Modules

The existing dynamic water module, static water module, air module and other module products can be widely used in surface sterilization, static water sterilization, dynamic water sterilization, food sterilization, air sterilization and other scenarios.

We accept support modular customized services, and provide professional UVC sterilization The overall solution for each application scenario of disinfection.

Module Types

Our entire UVC industry chain is sufficient to meet your needs for various products and applications in the UV and UVC field.

Static Water Module

Static Water Module

Dia. 16.6mm small size, 6mW at 50mA high output power

Dynamic Water Module

Dynamic Water Module

20×20(mil×mil), 400±15μm, 100mA, 4.5-7.5V, 270-285nm, 4-18mW

Air Purification Module

Air Purification Module

30×30(mil×mil), 400±20μm, 150mA, 4.5-7.5V, 270-285nm, 10-30mW

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