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With hard work and dedication,  our 20 highly-trained professionals drive success at UVC Technology.  They are our most valued asset. 

Team Background

The management team of the company has more than 10 years of experience in LED industry production, technology, quality and management. It has won the first prize of 2017 Excellent Quality Management Team of China Electronic Information Industry, the five-star team of Hefei Industrial Enterprise, the five-star site and three-star site of the national on-site management review and other honorary titles. The core management technical team is dominated by masters and doctors from well-known universities, who have rich management experience and practice in operation and management.

Moreover, team shareholding contributes to a more flexible and efficient working mode of the enterprise. In the future, the company will be “committed to become the world’s leading a new generation of semiconductor materials, devices and solutions provider” of the enterprise vision, to “in order to more security life” for the mission, with “employees first, customer supreme, partners, and shareholders first, technology to faith, to the quality, plan to faith, channels to” corporate values, increasing science and technology research and development efforts, strive to break through the UVC high-power, materials and device technology development application products;Active layout of patent and other intellectual property rights, so that the company’s overall technology to reach the leading domestic, international advanced level.

At the same time, the cooperation with Hangzhou Bay New Area of Ningbo City will gradually build three major projects of deep ultraviolet epitaxy material, device and packaging project, module and finished product application project, and matching plant, forming an annual sales of chip and terminal application products of more than 10 billion yuan, and drive the development of 500 billion high-end healthy semiconductor industry.

our technical team

Technical leader

Chief Engineer

Shengli Qi
Physics PhD of Peking University, Project Chief Engineer

Consultant Expert #3

Yiping Wu
Ph.D.supervisor, Professor of HUST, Adjunct Professor of SJTU

Consultant Expert #1

Bo Shen
Ph.D.supervisor, Deputy Director of Mathematics of Peking University

Consultant Expert #4

Yaobo Pan
Physics PhD of Peking University, GaN LED Senior Engineer

Consultant Expert #2

Fujun Xu
Ph.D.supervisor, Associate Professor of Physics Academy of Peking University

Shengli Qi, PHD – GM

Qi Shengli, born in September 1981, Ph.D., graduated from the Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Research Center of the School of Physics, Peking University. He is mainly engaged in theoretical research on epitaxial structure of high-efficiency GaN-based LED devices, research on preparation technology of vertical structure LED devices, and N polarity Research on the wet corrosion mechanism of GaN materials. Other research areas include the properties and characterization of semiconductor materials, and the development and application of semiconductor optoelectronic devices.

The current head of the project company has 8 years of GaN LED R&D, production and operation management experience; he used to be the deputy general manager of Hefei Rainbow Blu-ray Company. Responsible for the company’s short, medium and long-term technology research and development, product layout, including the light efficiency improvement and technology improvement of LED epitaxial chips, the development and production of high-end lighting and backlight products such as high voltage, flip chip, and high light efficiency, and new displays such as MiniLED/MicroLED Technology research and development and product promotion of chips and display solutions, the company’s medium and long-term strategic direction, high-end compound semiconductor chips, devices and integrated circuit process line construction, technology research and development, product development, etc., and presides over the company’s overall strategy with South Korean LG Group and other companies Cooperation.

So far, it has applied for 45 LED patents, published 5 LED-related SCI papers, presided over 5 national and Shanghai science and technology projects, participated in the national 863 project, 8 Shanghai science and technology projects, and successively won the “Yancheng City 515 Leading Talents” “, “Leading Talents in Hefei City” and other honorary titles.

“Ann Semic is committed to applying UVC technology to bring a healthier, safer, high-quality life to human being!” – CEO Says

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