UV Disinfection Technology: An Effective Way for Water Purification Companies to Seek Market Growth

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The 14th AQUATECHCHINA is a world-wide ultra-large-scale water treatment display platform and a grand event in the global water treatment session. It aims to integrate traditional municipal, civil and industrial water treatment with comprehensive environmental management to create an influential business platform. From June 2 to 4, 2021,The 14th AQUATECHCHINA will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. The new products and cutting-edge technologies will be demonstrated both in civil and commercial fields, including drinking water equipment and water purification accessories IOT, smart home, water sanitary ware, food waste disposer and other major equipment and related supporting components. It provides visitors with products, technology and service solutions for the entire industrial chain of the water purification industry.

At this exhibition, Mr. Hui Liang, deputy general manager of Ningbo Ann Semiconductor Co., Ltd. shows the water purification UVC disinfection technology and products to provide an opportunity for the audience to understand the UVC disinfection industry. Through the exhibition of UVC chips and static water antibacterial models groups, flow-through modules and other products strengthen exchanges and communication among industry peers. They discuss the development trend of the industry together and jointly promote the development of water purification business.

Mr. Hui Liang, deputy general manager of Ningbo Ann Semiconductor Co., Ltd. accepts an interview with Huicong Water Purification Network

Mr. Hui Liang said that Annsemic is a newly established company focusing on UVC LED materials and devices in 2020. It is also the first time to participate in the 14th AQUATECHCHINA, but it has nearly 20 years of industry technology and experience. Its product categories are rich from UVC epitaxial materials, chips, package to modules, covering the entire UVC industry chain. The exhibition will mainly bring technologies and products related to water purification and disinfection, and there are static water modules suitable for water tanks, 1-6L/min Dynamic water disinfection modules, air and surface disinfection, etc., a total of more than 10 products.

These products, first of all, the materials and core devices are independently developed by Annsemic and are protected by patents; can provide customized solutions according to customer requirements. Second, the products are equipped with unique heat dissipation technology, which not only guarantees the life of the device LM70 to exceed 10,000 hours. And the water temperature change in the clean water during the killing process is controlled within 0.5 degrees Celsius. Third, the unique optical design of the flow-through product has a better sterilization effect; fourth, the structural parts are far beyond the national standard values for water hammer, static pressure, and blasting; fifth, the product size is small enough , To meet a larger range of installation needs.

The biggest potential market for UV disinfection technology is the drinking water field. Water purification products that use UV disinfection technology are usually sterilized at the last checkpoint of the water outlet, effectively preventing secondary pollution and ensuring safe and clean water. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the disinfection industry has developed rapidly, and ultraviolet sterilization technology has also become an effective way for water purification companies to seek market growth.

In this regard, Mr. Liang said that the UV sterilization scenarios are mainly surface sterilization, fresh air sterilization and water sterilization. At present, limited by the low efficiency of UVC electro-optical conversion and poor perception, UVC related companies are seeking suitable scenarios for promotion, and the water system sterilization scenario is a very effective use scenario: first, the device can increase the power. The excess energy water itself can achieve a good heat dissipation effect. Second, the complete effect test system of the water system itself is perfect, the user’s perception is strong, and the effect is visible. Based on the above two points, Mr. Liang believes that the application of ultraviolet sterilization in water systems is practical and feasible. Once it is applied, iterative upgrades of water purification products will be made virtually, and market growth will be a matter of course.

Water sterilization needs to be expanded from drinking water to water, and the problem of secondary water pollution at the end needs to be solved. First, the original chip manufacturer needs to continuously improve the electrical-to-optical conversion efficiency (WPE) of the device to make it easier to popularize and apply to more sterilization fields; Through the design and development of the water terminal device, the drinking water disinfection is extended to the whole house water disinfection. The device needs to have the sterilization effect and is easy to install. Anxinmei is already designing similar products and will meet with you soon. The third is that the water purification equipment counterparts strongly support the use of ultraviolet LED disinfection technology, which is an important carrier for the popularization of water disinfection.

Under the new development pattern where the domestic and international double cycles are the mainstay and the domestic and international double cycles are mutually promoted, “defending domestic demand with the left hand and attacking overseas with the right” has become a development strategy for more and more companies to deploy domestic and international markets.

Mr. Liang said that under the new development pattern, companies should first seize the huge domestic market demand, use new thinking under the new economic model, step up technological innovation, product upgrades, and create new domestic brands in the new national wave; secondly, more Develop products that are in line with international standards and marketable, improve the international certification of enterprises and products, and let more new domestic products go abroad to become a leading international vane; third, it has core materials and device technologies like Annsemic Companies in the field of elimination will seize opportunities for industrial upgrading in the field of elimination, do a good job of products and services, use platforms such as Huicong.com and various international B-stations to integrate into the global market and become an international enterprise.

Mr. Hui Liang, Deputy General Manager of Ningbo Ann Semiconductor Co., Ltd.




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